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Knot Fun

2,000,000+ Downloads!

Knot Fun is a pseudo-puzzle mobile game about untying knots. Really. It randomly generates a knot of varying difficulty and lets you tug and tease it out in a variety of styles including headphones, christmas lights, garden hose, and more! Developed with Unity and Gimp and written entirely in C#. It's available to download for free on both Android and iOS app stores.

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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters is a puzzle game about helping a scared ghost escape a haunted house full of daytime TV ghost hunters. The ghost can only travel in shadows, so it's up to you to change the light direction to open new pathways, reflect off mirrors, hit light-sensitive switches, and open up doors, all while avoiding the nosey ghost hunters.

Made in Puzzlescript.


Palm Pong

PalmPong is a unique take on the brick breaker genre. With a single finger, you control a paddle on all four edges of the screen.

Made in Unity.


Jigsaw Story

2017 Google Play Indie Games Festival Runner-Up

A jigsaw puzzle game with art from world renowned artists, relaxing music, and enjoyable stories.

Made in Unity.

Android | iOS


Revlo was a Y-combinator startup that built a fan engagement and loyalty platform for Twitch.tv streamers. I helped to build the front-end for the webapp in a Ruby on Rails, Angular, postgreSQL stack, and played an active role in both design and development planning.

Revlo (now Pursuit) has since pivoted and is no longer hosted online.

The Revlo dashboard

Hey! Listen

Hey! Listen is a collaborative internet radio app. Building on the the original idea of collaborative playlists, users can join a channel and listen to their playlist syced up in real-time with other connected users as well as chat about it. It uses Youtube's API to query videos, and the video.js library to embed Youtube iframes. Built on Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Javascript, and Foundation. The video syncing functionality and chat room use websockets.

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An entirely opensource, top-down, strategic tank shooting game developed with Python and the Blender game engine. Featured on BlenderNation.com and PixelAttack.net

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