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About me

I am an independent game developer and designer with an engineering background and a passion for unique and engaging game mechanics. I am highly self-motivated and enjoy learning and teaching myself new technologies in my spare time.


Tech I use frequently:

- C#

- Unity 5

- Blender

- Gimp

- OpenGL

- Javascript, JQuery


- Git

Tech I have tinkered with:

- Unreal Game Engine, Blender Game Engine

- Puzzlescript Game Engine, Love2D Game Engine

- Ruby, Ruby on Rails

- Python

- Angular, Coffeescript

- Heroku, Digital Ocean, Nginx

- Arduino

- Google Sketchup


Part-time Professor, Linear Algebra, George Brown College, Toronto

January 2018 - April 2018

Taught linear algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to George Brown’s Game Programming students.

Drew upon my experience in the industry to relate the course material back to real world applications using examples in Unity.

CTO and Creative Director, Happy Square Studio, Toronto

June 2017 - Present


Designed, built, and shipped three mobile games in the casual and puzzle genre on Android and iOS.

Implemented a new monetization strategy for existing games, doubling ad and IAP revenue.

Full Stack Web Developer, Revlo, Toronto

June 2015 - Sept 2016


Functioned as a jack-of-all-trades in a small dev team at a Y-Combinator startup.

Collaborated closely with the design team to develop mobile-optimized angular front-end following industry standards and best-practices.

Implemented a RESTful API.